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Kalikah Jade

Kalikah Jade is an energetic and sensual performer who fuses the earthy warmth of Egyptian and Lebanese style Cabaret Bellydance with the world-influences of Tribal style, adding her distinctly Gothic flavour.  Having trained with both Middle Eastern and Tribal style dancers from all over Australia, Kalikah has developed a style which reflects the grace and artistry of Classical technique, fused with an exotically hypnotic style completely her own.

Her performance speciality includes elements such as sword balancing and manipulation (definitely a crowd pleaser), mysterious veil work and spectacular Wings of Isis. Her performance style can range from cheeky and playful to dark and brooding, to everything from traditional Egyptian ‘Classical’ style music to contemporary industrial beats. The unlikely pairing of contemporary darker sounds with the precise technique of fusion style bellydance makes her a unique and popular entertainment choice.

Kalikah regularly attends workshops by local, interstate and international performers in varying styles to extend her technique and hone her skills.

The two videos below give a hint of her range:

…and for a complete change of pace, here’s a dark, Gothic fusion piece:



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