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Great news for Queenslanders – Aradia, one of my fave bellydance teachers, is now based on the Gold Coast.

While trained in the Egyptian style, Aradia has created a style uniquely her own – Industrial Bellydance! The combination of hip-hop style locks and pops with sinuous snake-like movements is mesmerising to watch.

Don’t panic if you’re a beginner – Aradia won’t expect you to pop and lock! Her Beginners classes are designed to give you a solid foundation in general belly dance technique.

For those who can’t attend her Gold Coast classes, Aradia regularly runs dance workshops across the country.  If you can make it, go – the principles of industrial belly dance are relevant to all styles, and can help improve your technique.  Can’t get to a workshop?  You can now buy her DVD – here’s a clip:

Aradia has a long and varied background in other styles of dance besides belly dancing, including hip hop, jazz and competition level ballroom. She has used that knowledge to launch an exciting new fitness method, Human Fusion. Watch out for it at your local health club soon!


Interview with Gold Coast Belly Dancer Aradia

1. How did you get started with belly dancing?

After over 15 years of various dance styles, I landed in competition ballroom dance. Just before a major competition, my dance partner was permanently disabled from a work accident so I decided to try something new. I had seen ‘Dreaming of Jeannie Bellydance Academy’ every day driving past to Ballroom and had always wanted to try it. After the first lesson, I was hooked.

2. What was the inspiration for your unique Industrial belly dance style?
Honestly, I had started to feel a little like a clone in the bellydance world. I had all this other dance experience under my belt (pardon the pun!) and decided to mash it all together to see what happened. Over the years I have refined what it is exactly that I do and how my movement style can work with other bellydancers – so not only do they not have to change styles, but they can apply the technique used in Industrial belly dance to further enhance other styles. Industrial is more a technique of execution of movement.

3. What advice would you offer an aspiring belly dancer?

Get in there an enjoy it. Your heart beats to a rhythm so find the style that works with your heart. Persevere as the first few classes can be intimidating and confronting but the rewards far outway that within weeks. Your body is made for this movement… So go for it.

4. Your new HumanFusion fitness system includes a belly dance module. Do you have to be a fitness instructor to participate, or are you keen for belly dance teachers to participate?

Absolutely! HumanFusion has a strong value of maintaining the integrity of various arts (such as belly dance), so we want real dancers teaching the REAL dance style with REAL technique. Belly dancers can absolutely teach the classes and will supported along the way to gain their fitness industry qualifications to ensure safe dance fitness practice through HumanFusion.


  • Location: Nerang Bicentennial Community Centre, 833 Southport-Nerang Rd, Nerang QLD 4211
  • Phone:
  • Website:
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