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So you want to book a belly dancer.   Before you call or email, please give some thought to what you want from the performance.  The more prepared you are, the better prepared the dancer will be and the more smoothly your function will go!

What do you want?

- A solo dancer?  A duo?  A trio?  A troupe?

- A “conventional” belly dance performance (watch the videos by Ferah or Jewel as examples)?

- A more modern or fusion style show?  (Tribal, Gothic?)

- A fun-oriented “learn to belly dance” session?

- Something more unusual (tarot, women’s empowerment, Soul Card readings)?

When during the event should you schedule the performance?

Belly dance performances create wonderful transitions. For instance, if the bride needs a break between cocktail hour and the reception, this could create the perfect diversion.

Belly dancers also inspire guests to get up and dance, so a belly dance performance is a great way to get the evening’s dancing started. She can invite members of the audience, or the guest of honour, up to dance with her.  Or an audience participation session, where guests are encouraged to get up and try some simple bellydance moves, is a great icebreaker.

Other things to think about…

  • Is it a surprise? Will the location allow that? (Some restaurants will not)
  • How many minutes do you want the performance to run?
  • Do you want an audience participation session?
  • Do you want live or recorded music? If you go with recorded music is there something to play it on, or does she need to bring a sound system?

Just like the rest of your event staff, most dancers will require a deposit to reserve your date.   If the dancer has to travel a long way, she will expect travel expenses on top of her fee.

Please note that the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies to any performer, including belly dancers. Less experienced dancers may perform at bargain rates, but may be less prepared and less professional. It’s worth paying a little extra so you can have confidence in a great performance.

Belly dance is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. If you have any concerns about this, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the belly dancer. If your audience has cultural or religious sensitivities, most belly dancers are equipped to accommodate them with appropriate costuming (covered midriff, thighs etc).

Please note, belly dancers will not perform at all-male or bachelor parties.

Note:  the article above is adapted from the article How to Hire a Dancer, from

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